Masters swimming is a world wide system of swimming for adults aged 25 years and over (governed by the ASA in the UK), although there is also a younger section for 19-24 year olds. The Masters motto, world wide is 'fitness, fun and friendship'.




We aim to include 2 key elements in the training that is offered:

•Stroke technique - we teach all 4 strokes (fly optional!) and also starts and turns. This will include individual stroke correction and drills to improve technique (please see squad notes on drills for more details)
•Interval training - Masters swimming is not about counting lengths. We aim to improve fitness by interval training e.g. 5x50m front crawl with 20 seconds rest after each 50m. You may find that you swim fewer lengths but it will almost certainly be harder work!

Tri-athletes are very welcome to train with us and form an important part of our squad. Within the training program we try to accommodate their need to prepare for long distance races.

Some swimmers choose to compete in masters competitions.  the swimmers always swim in 5 year age bands, 19-24 year, 25-29 years, 30-34years and so on. There are numerous open meets, but there are also major championships such as Midlands, National, European and Worlds.

Within any competition the swimmers are ranked by time (rather than age) and only after the event is finished is everyone separated into their relevant age group and their final position calculated.

At CABSC our aim is to support those swimmers who want to compete, but there is no requirement that anyone has to do so to be a member of the squad.

Our long term aims

•To continue the masters motto of 'fitness, fun and friendship"
•To support those swimmers who wish to begin competing

Training Changes

  • sunday 18.3.18
    all sessions cancelled today (Bingham)and tonight (Calverton, Southwell and Cotgrave). Police advise not to travel and its snowing again.
  • Junior Gala
    ALL Training sessions cancelled at Southwell, Calverton and Bingham for the Juniors galas on March 4th and June 3rd at…
  • County Squad
    As from 15th March the wed Bingham session for County will be 7-9pm! GULP!
  • Sunday masters at Cotgrave
    Session now moves to the earlier time of 6.30pm as from sunday 8th Jan 2017.
  • Southwell thursday training
    New time for this COunty/SDSsession as from 1st September 7-8PM.


Sat Mar 24 @18:00
Notts ASA Stage 3 Round 2
Sun Mar 25 @17:00
Harvey Hadden Training
Fri Mar 30 @08:00
Good Friday
Sun Apr 01 @08:00
Easter Sunday
Sat Apr 07 @17:15
Grantham Grand Prix round 3

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