Junior Squad


Target age group 7

Swim min 18 meters of good front crawl and backstroke (Group 1 and Calverton)

Complete 400m continuous swim using a combination of FC/BK/BR (Group 2)

Have an understanding of a dive entry

Be proficient at sculling and mushroom/star floating

Open eyes underwater

Have an understanding of Breaststroke



Be able to swim all 4 competitive strokes in accordance with ASAlaws (some leeway given on Br and Fly)

Be able to perform competitive start and turns for all 4 strokes

Hold an official 400FC time

Have an understanding of relay takeovers and use of BK turn flags

Be working towards the ASA Competitive Start Award

Demonstrate good lane discipline



Attend a minimum of 2 sessions a week

Take part in the Club Time Trials and the Club Annual Gala

Attend Junior Development Courses/Clincs whenever possible

Be available for Gala selection at week-ends as required




All published entry levels are the minimum levels expected. Preference will always be given to swimmers with a proven ability to train at the required level, together with a high record of availability for Galas and commitment.

The Club Coach will have the final say in any promotion, demotion or dispute that may arise.

Swimmers should always achieve the required level of attainment before promotion

All levels of attainment are only a guide to the syllabus taughtin each group. In most groups a whole range of skills/water based activities are enjoyed including ASAawards, Time Trials, Club Galas, Stroke Clinics, Swimmer education lectures and all relevant aquatic skills

Training Changes

  • Easter weekend
    ALL training cancelled from Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive. Exception is the Masters Sat morning session at Bingham which…
  • Junior Gala
    ALL Training sessions cancelled at Southwell, Calverton and Bingham for the Juniors galas on March 4th and June 3rd at…
  • County Squad
    As from 15th March the wed Bingham session for County will be 7-9pm! GULP!
  • Sunday masters at Cotgrave
    Session now moves to the earlier time of 6.15PM as from 1ST FEB 2018.
  • Southwell thursday training
    New time for this COunty/SDSsession as from 1st September 7-8PM.

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